Job Opportunities

SLC Council and the Leadership Support Committee, in conjunction with pastoral leadership, have been working through the process of defining the job description for the Associate Pastor position. We arrived at the decision that the title of Community Life Pastor more accurately describes the role. 

The Community Life Pastor is a position listed at 24 hours per week. The distinctives of this position include an emphasis on congregational care, small groups and evangelism. You will note that many of the job details overlap between the Lead Pastor and the new Community Life Pastor. This is to be expected as we continue to build a team that supports the people of South Langley church to know and follow Jesus through relationships that equip the people, engage the city, and encounter God.

A search committee is being launched. Please be in prayer for these committee members as well as for the candidates who will present themselves for consideration. We ask the Lord for all he has for South Langley Church!

Resumes can be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Position Summary

The Community Life Pastor is responsible to help adults know and follow Jesus by ensuring that they are invited in, connected, and cared for. To this end, specific areas of responsibility include evangelism & integration, small group ministry, and congregational care. The Community Life Pastor oversees these areas with help from the Pastoral Team and Congregational Care Chair & Team.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership and assist the Lead Pastor in team building amongst South Langley Church Staff.
  • Contribute to various ministries, boards and groups as required.
  • Give information for preparation of the annual budget & work within the budget.
  • Approve expenses for various ministries as necessary.
  • Pursue professional development regularly.
  • Attend Church Council meetings as scheduled.
  • Participate in Sunday services as appropriate, including preaching when required.
  • Assist and support day to day operations within the office.
Evangelism & Integration
  • Work with Evangelism Chair to see South Langley Church fulfil its mission of helping people know and follow Jesus within the local community.
  • Help groups and individuals within South Langley Church serve our larger community in the name of Christ through word and action.
  • Welcome newcomers to the SLC community, helping them know and follow Jesus.
Small Groups
  • Create and maintain systems for effective small-group ministry, including:
    • Communication between church and small groups,
    • Coordination of curriculum resources,
    • Care Group Leader development, evaluation, and feedback,
    • Multiplication of leaders and groups,
    • Facilitate ongoing congregational care through Care Group
Congregational Care
  • Oversee and participate in Congregational Care, including primary responsibility for:
    • Acute/Crisis Care & Visitation
    • Work with Pastoral Team and Congregational Care Team to care for people at critical moments in their lives (birth, death, crisis),
    • Use Care Groups as an integral part of effective care-giving,
    • Provide support for those who are in crisis.
  • Follow-Up/Ongoing Care & Visitation
    • Track key Congregational Care cases.
    • Perform visitations.
    • Coordinate visitations together with Congregational Care Team.
  • Lead and provide oversight for weddings, funerals and memorial services as requested.



Care Group Leaders, Congregational Care Ministries, Volunteers
Lead Pastor

Job Standards and Requirements

Education: BA; whole or partial Masters Degree preferred.
Experience: 3+ years direct experience in church ministry
Skills: Proficient with office technology tools, budget management, leadership, staff selection and supervision, planning and organizing.
Abilities: Interpersonal skills, leadership ability, strengths in care ministries, discipling, counseling, and outreach.
Personal: Be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and demonstrate Christ-like character, a personal example of godliness that illustrates an understanding of biblical dsiciple-making and commitment to the Scriptures. Warm-hearted, committed, dedicated and mature evangelical Christian, impeccable character and reputation.

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