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Jr SLY is the coolest, most fun middle school group out there! We meet most Friday nights from 7pm to 9pm at SLC. These nights are full of fun, friends, and fantastic times. In short, it's an awesome place to have a great time and learn about God in the process!
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Sr. SLY is the place to be Wednesday nights from 7pm to 9pm at SLC. Have a blast with some awesome people, build some new friendships, and find out that you can actually survive high school! You and your friends need to be here.
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We've got some sweet people here to make sure you have a great time. Geoff is our Associate Pastor of Student Ministries who's here to make sure you can have fun, laugh, learn, and grow in your faith. There is a huge team of fellow youth sponsors wanting the same for you as well.
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SLY Service Trip - Cortez, CO

We have 14 participants heading to Colorado this summer!  We will be working with Youthworks, an organization that has a consistent presence in multiple communities throughout the United States and Canada.  The work with be in two areas.  The first is working with Lifeway Baptist Church and thier community kids program, and the second will focus on light construction projects in the local community.  For more information, see some of the posts below.



We have completed our tasks in Cortez for this week and are heading home, while the Youthworks Team prepares for another week with another group of kids.  I continue to be impressed with the commitment Youthworks has in the communities they are working in.  Cortez is another example of how faithful presence over years has allowed them to build heathy relationships with community social service agencies, and even the city directly.  Youthworks doesn't need to identify work projects alone, the city brings them a list of needs every summer and they work closely together to accomplish some much needed assistance for some incredible people.  Our students did a great job of connecting with the residences that we were able to work with, and some neat relationships were formed.  The work is also nothing different than things that can be done in South Langley, so transferable atmosphere and identifiable needs become easily recognizable as we return home. 

Participants on this trip have also had the opportunity to form friendships.  They have compared common struggles and joys throughout the week with others from Washington and Arizona.  They worked through some of their questions about thier faith with one another, and how they related to God and that has been a blessing to be a part of. The last evening at Youthworks introduces the participants to a foot washing excercise.  It is based out of a story in the gospel were Jesus serves his disciple through a menial task, usually expected to be done by a servant or "the help".  Jesus took on the role as an example for us to learn to lay down pride, and to look for opportunities to bless those around us through serving.  Students and leaders had an opportunity to experience this together.  

We have had a great trip so far.  All participants are coming back stretched in how the view God and others, have closer friendships and have learned more about themselves.  I look forward to exploring this experience with one another and can't wait until you also hear the stories from our leaders and students. Presently we are staying the night in Goodyear, Arizona.  We had a chance to drive by the Grand Canyon and play a little at Slide Rock State Park.  Tomorrow we continue home, but we are taking our time.  We have a church in Las Vegas we are staying in tomorrow night, and will continue up the coast to San Francisco, CA and then to Portland, OR.  Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  


o n t h e r o a d


Over the past few days we have all done work with kids and painting for community members.  The kids are adorable and it was really cool teaching them all about the bible.  The community members are all really sweet and appriciative for the work we are doing.  The painting is fantastic because we have lots of time to talk with one another and grow our relationships with one another.  My group also went to the local seniors home and played bingo with them.  We took turn calling numbers and talking with the seniors.  They were also appricative of the time we took out of our morning to go and hang out with them.  

In the evening we had a speaker from the community come and talk to us about the community of Cortez, and the Navajo people.  She brought pots to give us an example of what life would be without God.  She is also a potter from Navajo Nation, a local aboriginal people.  Over the past few days in Cortez we have learned alot about the community, eachother and God. 




So we are half way done our time at Youthworks, also known for the switch.  People that have been doing kids camp the past couple of days will transition to worksites and the worksite groups will move to kids camp.  This is my favourite time of the trip.  Connections with our students are growing and developing, and new friendships are being formed with kids from Arizona and Washington State.  Our first couple of days, our students cling to one another almost like a preschool soccer team, but now they sit with others, hear their stories and get to share theirs.  I am not surprised by the leaders that came along on the trip - they love these kids like their own, and have had an easy time having good conversations.  I wonder about the impact the students are having on them,  


happyindependenceday 2019


Today was the first day of going of to work on worksites or with the children's camp.  I and my team were put out ot work with the kids at the Children's Camp and it was a wonderful experience.  First off today we all woke up at 7:00 am and had breakfast.  Then we all had orientation and firgured out what we were doing at the camp.  I was put on storytelling.  My small group and I made up a skit from a story in the bible.  We arrived at the park where the camp was going to be, set up and then went out to pick up the kids.  Once the kids arrived, we hung out with them and worked through the stations.  They were all amazing and happy.  In the evening we took a drive to see "the Cliff Dwellings", a place where buildings where carved into cliff walls - a major tourist attraction in this area.  The drive was breath taking and amazing.  It ended up being an amazing and wonderful Day.


c l i m b e v e r y m o u n t a i n


We woke up in luxury at the Hyatt Hotel in Sandy, Utah. I knew that this overnight stay was going to be a juxtaposition to where we were headed next. After a hearty breakfast we headed for our third leg of the road trip: Sandy, Utah to Cortez, Colorado. It was the most beautiful part of the road trip. This day was incredible. In the 6+ hours that we drove, I only slept for about three minute because the scenery around us was spectacular. (I know my family and husband are reading this in awe as I normally fall asleep soon after leaving the driveway on road trips and enjoy waking up at the destination.) it was a type of creation that many of us hadn't seen before. Some highlights were the towering mountains south of Ogden in Utah, and the red cliffs and arches as we made our way south. My van had the privilege of having Kristophe in it and he was able to describe the geography of what we were seeing. As we sped into Colorado we were able to witness an awesome lightning storm and later in Devos many students highlighted this as a clear example of God's power made visible.

I have loved watching friendships be formed as time spent in the car has allowed hilarious, and sometimes awkward conversations. My van also spent hours singing at the top of our lungs. 

We didn't know what to expect when we arrived at Youthworks. After a warm greeting and a wonderful meal we had many orientations and explanations. You'll be happy to know that our kids are given a heavy amount of responsibility this week. It's not like a classic summer camp, but rather our kids are taken out of their comfort zone in their living situation: sleeping next to strangers; make and clean up every meal; cleaning bathrooms and toilets daily and planning and leading their work sites. I am excited for what the Lord has in store for the kids mostly in the areas of growth and reflection. I hope the reflection time worked into each day is a powerful time for students (and leaders) and I hope this escape from the routines of life back home bring growth in their relationship with Christ and friendships with others. Keep us in your prayers. 


By the way, I don't work at Target.



We woke up after a well-deserved, long sleep in comfy sheets to a nice, civilized, air conditioned room in Hyatt House, Utah. Before packing our things, we enjoyed a variety of breakfast items from the hotel’s buffet, complete with a create-your-own omelette station. We checked out of our rooms and climbed in our immensely stuffed cars and started on the last leg of our drive. As usual, the car ride consisted of loud singing, frequent stops, and strange conversation. We pit-stopped at an old turn table, where a woman sat selling beautiful jewellery, which all of us were too cheap to buy. The next stop after that was lunch at a very classy place you all might know. McDonald’s. So we ordered for 14 people, and in the midst of our feast we saw an incredibly adorable doggo outside the window. With that, we were on the road again, and one of the best parts of our drive was waiting in store for us. As we cruised through Moab Utah, vast expanses of orange, striped rock emerged. The more we drove, the more beautiful it became. It was jaw-dropping! God’s presence was evident in this. Of course we couldn’t just journey through the prettiest place in America with out stopping for pictures. Along came a place called “Hole In The Rock,” which was a giant, arch in the middle of these mountainous rocks. We couldn’t marvel at this for too long though, due to the fact that we were already running behind schedule. So after our five minute photoshoot, we were off once again. The beauty continued as we drove down a country road and all saw marvellous strike of lightning thrusting from the clouds. Well everybody except me. I managed to miss it every single time. Whoopee. The hours went by and I lost one of my shoes along the way, Geoff had to be Princess Positivity, and we almost ran out of gas. Thankfully we did not. Finally, after and eventful and exciting three days of driving, we arrived at out destination in Cortez. WE started with unpacking into our rooms. The girls one has walls made out of garbage bags. Yeah, real classy. After that came orientation, where the leaders went off to who knows where and us younguns stayed.

Andrea & Caleb

brewed coffeeRIVER RAPIDS 

We got to sleep in today, and by sleepin I mean we woke up at 6:00 AM.  Our breakfast consisted of crepes made by the boys, then we headed out about 8:00 AM, only to stop an hour later for a much needed pee break and to pick up some essentials, which included a crocodile floaty.  Than we were back on the road another four hours where we indulged ourselves in a game of hangman between the two vans.  Our next pit stop lived up to its name - Lava Hot Springs - it was 35 degrees.  The town has a small river, filled with mild rapids.  The only logical thing to do was to grab a tube and head on down.  The river claimed on causualty, Mrs. Kroeker was tipped amoung the rapids.  We all left with new bruises and some great stories.  The next stop was our hotel.  To get there we drove through beautiful Salt Lake City, which most of us missed due to our napping schedules.  After arriving at the hotel, we went on an eventful shopping trip to Super Target, where most of us sat in the carts instead of walking.  We had a manditory stop at Sonic for Peanut Butter Milkshakes and then back to cook dinner.  The rest of the evening was filled with swimming, games and conversations as we look forward to connecting with the others in Cortez.  

Bohmee & Alyssa

In the last 2 days on the road, I have heard non-stop music, accompanied by non-stop singing.  The kids are awesome.  They have all pitched in with the cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.  They are getting along so well.  To encourage eachother to continue to have good a good attitude, we went shopping & picked out a "princess costume".  This is a special outfit that is worn by the person who complains.  Happy to say its only been worn once.


IMG 0033


Today everyone on the trip had to wake up at 4 am which no one was happy about. We were all dead inside, but hey, we made it across the border safely and quickly so it was worth it! Right when we crossed the border we stopped for a gas fill up and any last bathroom breaks and then we were on our way to Idaho! Most of our day was consumed with driving. For the first few hours most people were sleeping in my van I’m sure it was the same for the other van as well. Once we woke up we saw a LOT of hills and fields as well as a couple dead coyotes here and there. There was blood splatter all over the road. YIKES. We drove for many hours with our first stop being Safeway. Our second stop later on was at Target so Jenny K could have her over the phone interview for a teaching job. Good news, she got it!!! For lunch we had Subway in some random little town and then we were off again. We had the tunes pumping and we were jamming out to the music. I’m surprised I still have a voice left. When we arrived at the house we are staying at it was quickly decided that girls got the top floor with the beds. The boys got downstairs on the couches so i hope they enjoy that. Ahahahahaha. Once we were settled in we played “Kill” outside which is a game sort of like volleyball but if you are the last to touch it and it lands on the ground you have to go to the middle and avoid being “killed” by the ball. If you catch the ball you are back in. We also played Uno. For dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs, caesar salad and garlic bread! After dinner we had a fire in the fire pit thanks to Andrea’s fire building skills! Around the fire we read a chapter of a Love Does, (a book which we will be reading as a group over the course of the trip) and just hung out and talked. So far, we are all connecting well! 

Jennifer & Brooke

Today was a full day to say the least. As I write this, I will have been awake for the past 19 hours, save for a brief nap in the van. Needless to say, I am ready to crawl into my sleeping bag and call it a night. But before I do, I cannot help but reflect on how epic today truly was. We have been praying earnestly that God would prepare a the way for us as we embarked on this journey together, and man oh man did He ever show up. The border crossing always inspires some apprehension, particularly when passing through with such a large group and a somewhat complex itinerary unfolding over the next 11 days. However, today this was not to be the case, as we breezed right through with no issue. THANK YOU LORD. We could not have asked for a more perfect day to be winding our way through the hills, forests, and plains of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. There was so much beauty to behold across the changing landscapes, and I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for God’s creative genius. As I sit here, in our lovely Idaho home finally ready to settle in for the night, I am filled with a mixture of emotions. Despite being exhausted from the long day of travel, I am so grateful for this amazing group of people that I get to hang out with for the next 10 days. More than anything else, however, I am so excited about the opportunities that God will place before us, to not only catch glimpses of His character, but to put his radical love into action.


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