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We modern people like things to be quick - instant messaging, microwave meals, next-day shipping. So we make the Christmas story a short story. We shorten a world-changing reality - that God became human to save us - into a few paragraphs about one particular night in the ancient city of Bethlehem.

But the Christmas story isn’t a short story. It doesn’t start in Bethlehem. It doesn’t even start with Mary and Joseph. It starts centuries earlier. It includes all the generations before Jesus, and after Jesus - even us.

The Christmas story is a long story, because it’s an important story. And this Christmas, we’re going to tell it.



Long Story: The First Gospel - Genesis 3

First Sunday of Advent

  • Speaker: Dave Navarro

Long Story: The Covenants

Second Sunday of Advent

  • Speaker: Caleb Wollf

Long Story: The Prophecies

Third Sunday of Advent

  • This morning's service will feature our SLC Kids!
  • Speaker: Dave Navarro

2 Services today - 10:15am & 1:30pm

Long Story: The Genealogies

Christmas Eve Day - Fourth Sunday of Advent

  • Both services will feature the SLC Adult Choir
  • Speaker: Dave Navarro

Please join us for Coffee & Christmas Baking - served between the two services

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