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How can someone be spiritually vital?

In recent years Western culture has developed an increased interest in practices of meditation and mindfulness. There is a growing recognition that consistent habits of internal self-care can help remedy the distraction and stress of our time.

Christians have recognized this need for internal self-care for centuries, and have practiced a set of habits often called Spiritual Disciplines. These go beyond mere mindfulness; they are spiritual practices that enable us to connect to God himself.

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In our HABIT series, beginning on July 2nd, we’ll explore these Spiritual Disciplines one by one. Our hope is that as we pause, reflect, and look ahead to the busyness of Fall, you’ll try them out, and hopefully make them a habit.

We have designed a workbook to help you get the most out of this Sermon Series. You can pick up your copy at the Welcome Centre or view it online. Just CLICK HERE or on the Cover (right). -->

The Word

  • Speaker: Wes Dahl

Silence & Solitude

  • Speaker: Randy Wollf


  • Speaker: Wes Dahl

Friendship with God

  • Speaker: Carolyn Kwiatkowski

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